About Us

Dear gentlemen,
Born from the passion of two brothers for the sartorial art, Nonchalance was created with the desire to promote craftsmanship and to unite men around a common value: elegance.
We seek to enhance the value of quality objects that bear the mark of traditional craftsmanship and that deserve a second chance. Our pieces abide by the standard of classical elegance. Through our online wardrobe, we offer pieces that we selected for their character and durability. They all result from craftsmanship or luxury ready-to-wear. 
We wish that gentlemen may reclaim the quality, durability, texture and colours of their wardrobe and inscribe this approach within a circular economy, far from the dictates of fashion and planned obsolescence.
Education is at the heart of our model: we put our expert eye to work by accompanying you in your choices with personalized advice. This way of working allows us to maintain a direct relationship with you, while offering you affordable prices.
Whether you are a novice or a seasoned gentleman, we would be delighted to help you create an elegant wardrobe.
Clément & Romain.