Shoes FLORSHEIM IMPERIAL Kenmoor – Cordovan – Size 9 ½ US – Width B UK

140 $CAD


FLORSHEIM is a benchmark for men’s ready-to-wear in the United States. With original models, solid and sometimes made from exotic leathers, the shoes of its Imperial range are particularly sought after by collectors. To have a vintage pair of Florsheim Imperial is to own a little relic from the golden age of American shoes.
Shoes – FLORSHEIM imperial
Model – Kenmoor longwing
Material – Cordovan
Color – Brown / Burgundy
Construction – Goodyear
Condition – Good
Some marks of wear. This does not affect the wearing of shoes (see picture).

“The Derby blutcher Model Kenmoor exists in multiple models. In this case, the famous Florsheim longwing is cut from a magnificent brown cordovan (membrane obtained from the horse) with a splendid burgundy sheen. The advantage of this material is that it is easy to care for: simply rub to make it shine and massage to remove creases.”

Outsole – 12’’
Size – 9 ½ US
Width – B UK


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